Solar Energy Center

Since being established in 1977, it has been Solar Energy Center's parent company APR Industries Ltd.'s ongoing mission to contribute to our sustainable future. First, by manufacturing wood stoves and later, low emission pellet stoves. The addition of the solar energy division was the most natural choice.

Our Showroom

Located at 1354 Waverley Street, our showroom showcases all the products we're passionate about. Helping the environment is not just our slogan but our top priority. By manufacturing the KOZI brand name, we cut out the middle man and pass on the savings directly to you. Our goal is to keep it simple. Having an in-house engineering department, design/ technical support team and manufacturing facility, Solar Energy Center can provide you with exactly what you need at the best prices.

KOZI Solar Grid Tie Systems

Grid Tie Solar

The easiest way to generate power. Simply plug your solar energy system directly to your local power grid.

KOZI Solar Off Grid Systems

Off Grid Solar

Generate electricity and store it right on site in your own battery bank. Perfect for houses, cabins, RV's, boats or any place where there is no local power grid.

KOZI Wood Pellet Stoves and Inserts

Pellet Stoves

The perfect, environmentally, friendly way to heat your house. These low emission stoves are available in a free-standing or fireplace insert models.

KOZI Wood Stoves

Wood Stoves

The glow and warmth from a natural wood fire is incomparable. Come down and see what we have to offer!

Manitoba Hydro's Solar Energy Program

Manitoba Hydro has finally introduced their Solar Energy Program which makes investing in solar that much more affordable. It's never been so easy to reap the benefits of installing your own solar energy system with Manitoba Hydro's Residential Loans and Solar Energy Program. By installing a solar panel system you can generate your own electricity and remove / diminish your monthly hydro bills.

Solar Energy Center will walk you through the program, step by step, clarifying all the details and helping you figure out exactly what your family's energy needs are. Our on-site sales associates and engineering staff can help you take advantage of this program by explaining to you the guidelines and show you how much you can save. Every solar energy system is unique, we can design and install the perfect custom system for you.

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Solar Energy Center

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Any information provided to us will be kept strictly confidential. Only Solar Energy Center executives and elite personnel will have access to your private information. Any information gathered will be used solely for the benefit of improving Solar Energy Center. At no time will any information be sold or transferred to any outside party.

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